Biostic Ffpe Tissue Dna Isolation Kit Mobio

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Hitachi Exocomplete Laboratories manufactures the biostic ffpe tissue dna isolation kit mobio reagents distributed by Genprice. The Biostic Ffpe Tissue Dna Isolation Kit Mobio reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Hitachi Exocomplete. Other Biostic products are available in stock. Specificity: Biostic Category: Ffpe Group: Tissue Dna

Tissue Dna information

FFPE Genomic DNA - Human Adult Normal Tissue: Pancreas

D2234188 2 ug
EUR 718.8
Description: Can be used for various studies in the realm of gene expression, both normal and pathological. It is an excellent control and suitable for educational purposes.

FFPE Tissue RNA Extraction Kit

K1011100 1 kit
EUR 432

AnaPrep FFPE DNA Extraction Kit

Z1322009 1 kit (48 extractions) Including all required plastic disposables
EUR 369.6
Description: This kit is developped for our fully automated magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction platform which uses preprogrammed protocols and can process up to 12 samples simultaneously. With the AnaPrep 12 Extractor you will have the option to choose and work with a wide range of sample and reagent volumes. This sturdy, realiable and user-friendly machine will save you both time and expenses while ensuring consistently high quality performance and nucleic acids for your downstream applications.

xTractPure FFPE DNA Extraction Kit

Z2212002 1 kit (48 extractions)
EUR 399

Tissue Mitochondria Isolation Kit

abx090631-50100assays 50-100 assays
EUR 309.6

Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit

55R-1361 50 assays
EUR 990
Description: Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit for use in the research laboratory

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

55R-1362 50 assays
EUR 462
Description: Genomic DNA Isolation Kit for use in the research laboratory

Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit

K2117-50 50 assays
EUR 718.8

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

K2118-50 50 assays
EUR 385.2

Saliva DNA Isolation Kit

K5011050 1 kit
EUR 307.2

Urine DNA Isolation Kit

K5011150 1 kit
EUR 307.2

Stool DNA Isolation Kit

K5011250 1 kit
EUR 307.2

Serum DNA Isolation Kit

K5018100 1 kit
EUR 432

Mitochondrial DNA Isolation Kit

EUR 705.6

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

EUR 326.4


BIO-52087 50 Preps Ask for price

FFPE Tissue DNA Extraction Micro kit -- For extraction DNA from paraffin-fixed tissues (50prep)

FAFFM-050 50 preps
EUR 198
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