Adeno-X Rapid Titre Kit

Block combination 15 x 0.5 and 20 x 1.5mL

EUR 452.4

Adeno-X Laboratories manufactures the adeno-x rapid titre kit reagents distributed by Genprice. The Adeno-X Rapid Titre Kit reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact adeno-x. Other Adeno-X products are available in stock. Specificity: Adeno-X Category: Rapid Group: Titre Kit

Flip-Block, 24 x 1.5ml tubes, or 32 x 0.2ml and 14 x 0.5ml tubes

1 pcs, 1 UNIT
EUR 290.89

Block Blood Collection tubes 12 x 13mm and 8 x 16mm

EUR 225.6

Block, Blood Collection tubes, 12 x 13mm and 8 x 16mm

1 each
EUR 169.7

Grant Block for 20 x 0.5ml and 12 x 1.5ml microtubes

EUR 822

Grant Block for 20 x 0.2ml and 12 x 1.5ml microtubes

EUR 822

AnD Balance 120g x 0.1mg GR120

EUR 2160

AnD Balance 200 x 0.01g EK200i

EUR 380.4

Titre Kit information

Rapid Blood RNA Isolation Kit

BT4183 50Preps
EUR 197.03

Rapid Blood RNA Isolation Kit

BT4184 250preps
EUR 608.1

Rapid Plant RNA Isolation Kit

PT4191 50Preps
EUR 95.63

Clenbuterol (CLE) Rapid Test Kit

abx092058-50tests 50 tests
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Ractopamine (RAC) Rapid Test Kit

abx092059-50tests 50 tests
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Rapid Viral RNA Extraction Kit

VT4184 50Preps
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Tetracycline (TCs) Rapid Test Kit

abx092063-50tests 50 tests
EUR 477.6

Sulfonamides (Sas) Rapid Test Kit

abx092064-40tests 40 tests
EUR 477.6

Sterling Rapid Silver Stain Kit

NAT1106 1KIT
EUR 300

Rapid Fungal RNA Extraction Kit

FT71416 50Preps
EUR 95.63

Brucella Antibody Rapid Test Kit

abx092069-40tests 40 tests
EUR 427.2

Rapid Bacteria RNA Isolation Kit

BS8625 50Preps
EUR 95.63

Kit Ral555 Rapid Modified Geimsa

CB361550 EACH
EUR 127.95

Influenza Rapid Test Verification Panel (20 X 0.5 mL)

KZMC021 20 X 0.5 mL
EUR 286

Ciprofloxacin (CPFX) Rapid Test Kit

abx092066-50tests 50 tests
EUR 477.6

ToxOut? Rapid Endotoxin Removal Kit

K2501-5 each
EUR 314.4

Cobalt Rapid Run

6CoRR-100 100 ml
EUR 517.2
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