Sakura Fintek Tissue-Tek Vip 6 Reagent Bottle Complete 1 Unit


abx082403-118ml 118 ml
EUR 276

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the sakura fintek tissue-tek vip 6 reagent bottle complete 1 unit reagents distributed by Genprice. The Sakura Fintek Tissue-Tek Vip 6 Reagent Bottle Complete 1 Unit reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact sakura tissue tek. Other Sakura products are available in stock. Specificity: Sakura Category: Fintek Group: Tissue-Tek Vip

Bottle Reagent 500ml Pyrex - PK10

EUR 140.4

Bottle Reagent Simax 50ml - PK10

EUR 74.25

Simax Reagent Bottle 100ml - PK10

EUR 32.4

Simax Reagent Bottle 250ml - PK10

EUR 37.8

Simax Reagent Bottle 500ml - EACH

EUR 4.71

Simax Reagent Bottle 500ml - PK10

EUR 44.55

Simax Reagent Bottle 1L - PK10

EUR 74.25

Tissue-Tek Vip information

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 1L - PK10

BOT64502 PK10
EUR 166.05

Bottle Pyrex Reagent 50ml. - PK10

1516/02D PK10
EUR 120.15

Bottle Reagent Pyrex 100ml. - PK10

B54558 PK10
EUR 101.25

Bottle Reagent Simax 50ml - PK10

BOT53020 PK10
EUR 74.25

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 100ml - PK10

BOT64440 PK10
EUR 70.2

Reagent Bottle Wide Clear 250ml - PK10

BOT64460 PK10
EUR 91.8

Simax Reagent Bottle Amber 1000ml - PK10

BOT53100A PK10
EUR 544.05

Reagent Bottle Plastic Coated 2L - PK10

151812 PK10
EUR 792.45

Bottle Reagent 20L nn Pyrex - EACH

B54124 EACH
EUR 635.85

Bottle Reagent Amber Wn 250ml - PK10

BOT64660 PK10
EUR 128.25

500ml Reagent Bottle Amber Narrow Mouth - PK2

BOT55260 PK2
EUR 39.42

Complete Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

AR0157 50mL (sufficient for lysis of 10g of bacterial biomass)
EUR 169.2

Bottle Reagent 10 Litre Pyrex nn - EACH

B54122 EACH
EUR 334.8

Select Reagent Bottle Wide Mouth Clear 50ml - PK10

BOT64420 PK10
EUR 68.85

Simax Reagent Bottle Narrow Mouth Amber 50ml - PK10

BOT64222 PK10
EUR 68.85

Reagent Bottle Clear Narrow neck with plastic stopper 100ml - PK10

BOT2136 PK10
EUR 44.15

Reagent Bottle Clear Narrow neck with plastic stopper 250ml - PK10

BOT2138 PK10
EUR 53.73
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